Food Trucks History 101

We are all familiar with food trucks by now, but are you ready for a course in food trucks history 101?

Way back when, make that 1691, New Amsterdam (NYC) began to regulate the food vendors who sold food from push carts.

Dining cars began to feed people on trains around 1850 and then there was the chuck wagon in the wild wild west after that.

By the end of the 19th century sausage vendors were selling food outside major east coast universities, and then there were field kitchens in WWI.

How many of you still want to pull a quarter out of your pocket for the ice cream truck?

The idea just took on a life of its own and evolved into many different ideas.



Where We are Now in Food Trucks History 101:


The Street Vendor Project creates the Vendy Awards. A competition that identifies and celebrates NYC’s best street food vendors in 2004.


Wikipedia, in 2006,  adds “food trucks” to their list of entries.

National Restaurant Association dedicates 1,500 square feet to food trucks exhibits at its annual convention in Chicago in 2008.


The Great Food Truck Race marked the first television program centered on the mobile food industry in 2010.

The prestigious Zagat guide announces that in 2011 they will begin to provide reviews of food trucks.

Los Angeles starts ranking food trucks with letter grades like restaurants in 2011.


President Barak Obama “Tweets” that his favorite food truck in Washington DC is D.C. Empanadas.

Food Trucks serves NFL Superbowl Fans in Indianapolis in February 2012.

Labor Day weekend in Tampa, Florida an estimated 20,000 people overwhelmed 99 trucks that came from across Florida and as far away as Texas and South Carolina to serve food and attempt a new Guinness World Record on Saturday for the most trucks gathered at one event.


Food trucks are still making history, do you have a favorite food truck?  Tell us about it.  Coming to a neighborhood near you soon!



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