Tickling 3 of Your 5 Senses Starting With Cajun Music

Tickling 3 of your 5 senses starting with Cajun music - this is what we aim to do with this article.

How can you possibly eat Cajun food without listening to Cajun music? The two go together and they set the stage for your "trip" to Mamou, Louisiana the Cajun Music Capital. This is the sense of hearing.

We have posted this link to 10 minutes of listening pleasure because just like sampling Cajun food, you have to sample the music too to allow all the flavors of Cajun sink into your senses. This is the sense of tasting.

We cannot put the smell of Cajun food into this article, but if you close your eyes and take several deep breaths we know you will be able to smell the onions, the garlic, the spices, the secret sauce (well we can't share everything) and you will have been there - the place of tickling 3 of your 5 senses.


Bon Appetite!

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