Day 1 of Cajun In A Truck Fun

Day 1 of Cajun In A Truck Fun and it was very dark when we started out -  the temperatures in Florida have cooled off.  We got there early and loaded up to go.  The food was all prepped the day before, and we were all cleaned and polished and ready to go.

Cajun Food Truck

Might dark out there










Here we are at our first stop for break time and these were our first arrivals.

Cajun In A Truck

Our first stop, our first guests.












The truck sure looks pretty sitting there and people can't miss it.


At our First Stop










Some people even arrived by golf cart.

Cajun In A Truck

Arriving by golf cart












And here is the man himself, Phil proud owner of Cajun In a Truck.  It was a great day and everyone loved the food.  We served PoBoys, shrimp and catfish.  We served Jambalaya and Red Beans and Rice.


Nice picture of Phil-the owner.








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