Cajun Thanksgiving Food Oh My!

Cajun Thanksgiving food oh my!

Thanksgiving is celebrated all over the United States and in many different traditions, and prepared with love.  Those of us with Cajun blood coursing through our veins celebrate in our very own special way.

Our tables will have at least 2 meats, huge proportions of meat.  Boudin and andouille, gumbo, sweet and white potatoes, dirty rice, mac and cheese, cornbread, green beans, pies and cakes and more food then the mind can imagine.

Yes, we celebrate our beginnings just  like the Pilgrims,  we Acadians, as we were known before the British drove us out of Nova Scotia's Acadian province and into Louisiana swamps, are annually thankful for our survival, and the bounty nature provided to us in our new Low Country homes.

Times have changed and now we have introduced Turducken into our Thanksgiving meals.  You do know what a Turducken is right?  It's a de-boned chicken, stuffed into a de-boned duck which is then stuffed into a de-boned chicken.  Oh my!

Did someone mention oysters????  Of course there are oysters prepared in many different ways.

We eat till we can eat no more - and we give thanks to our ancestors who settled in Louisiana all those years ago and we are very thankful they chose a nice warm state too!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!Turducken


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