Christmas Cajun Story Style

Cajun ChristmasChristmas Cajun style is marked by the sounds of laughter among friends and family.  Holiday dinners include seafood dishes along with Cajun sausage and of course fried turkey. Desserts consist of pralines, fudge, divinity and more!

Christmas Eve has a tad different version of "Twas the Night Before Christmas".  Read the Cajun story here:

Lafayette is where you really want to listen to the wonderful zydeco beat because this goes on for the entire month of December.  They have a display containing 500,000 lights, bring your sunglasses.  You can see Santa, do some caroling, and of course shop til you drop.

Cajun In A Truck wants to wish you the merriest of the merriest.  Be safe! Don't do anything foolish because we want you back for a visit so we can see y'all enjoying our food, and laughing and loving the Cajun way.

Joyeux Noël




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