Touring Cajun Country - Part 1

Timages_On the Pivot Pier looking across Bayou Teche towards Indest Stouring Cajun Country Part 1 is the beginning of learning about the history and culture of Southern Louisiana.  This is where everything Cajun is a way of life.  It is French first, peppered with small communities starting along the coast and then expanding upland.  Yes, Cajun French is still spoken there. Listening to Cajun French is music to the ears.


As the author of this piece, I always wanted to be Cajun, the closest I come is the wall plaque that hangs in my house that reads "Laissez les bon temps rouler!" Translation - "Let the good times roll."


Music is the heartbeat of Cajun living with ensembles of fiddles, accordions and guitars providing the folk music Cajuns dance to, and songs sung in a combination of English and Cajun French.


Cajun culture is rural, small towns winding through the swamps and bayous and visitors are delighted to find antiques and those who like nature and photography have found nirvana.


Country roads twist and turn through the Teche (Tesh) which is Louisiana's longest bayou, and this is where you will get the feeling you have gone back in time as you see cypress cabins rising out of the water on stilts, moored fishing boats and pirogues barely move on the still waters.


The center of each village host bakeries, old churches, fresh oyster bars, and all those antiques.


Cajun food is like no other and I promise if you don't want to stop at a fresh oyster bar, there is always something that will please your palate.


I will be writing about the different areas of Cajun country because the area is rich with culture and history and of course food.  More to come soon - as we travel together through Cajun Country.

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