Happy New Year from the Cajuns!

Happy New Year, y'all!

We are two weeks late on this post because we kicked off the new year with so many booked events! Great way to ring in the new year. Woo! We have attended so many food truck rallies, served TONS of Cajun food and we added hot coffee and Beignets to our menu. These were especially needed at the Outback Bowl because it was cold and rainy.

As for New Years... Did you know that up until the 1960's, children used to celebrate New Year's Day by going door to door with a brown paper bag to collect candy, but mostly popcorn fixed in a variety of ways? They would greet the people by saying "Bonne année'"(Happy New Year). While we do not serve popcorn in a variety of different ways, we do wish you a Happy 2014 & hope to serve you lots of delicious Cajun cuisine ALL YEAR LONG!

Let's go, 2014!

Bonne année

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