In A Truck, LLC. and Cajun In A Truck was founded in 2012 by Phil Vanderhider, a fifth generation Cajun who was born and raised in Mamou, Louisiana.

Mamou is located at the heart of Louisiana's Cajun Country, just under 200 miles west of New Orleans. The town is famous for it's music and musicians and bills itself as "The Cajun Music Capital of the World".  Consequently, Mamou figures into a number of song titles (such as "'Tit Galop Pour Mamou" and "Valse de Grand Mamou") and lyrics, as well as band names (such as Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys). Mamou is also home of the world famous Fred's Lounge, which features live Cajun music every Saturday morning.  The interesting part with all of this strong Cajun history is that Mamou is a town of less than 3,500 people!

Phil’s dream is to share the complex flavor and texture of Cajun fare with people outside the traditional zone of influence for what would be classified as “authentic” Cajun. Phil is an expert Cajun chef, but can also run a mean barbecue grill and throw together dishes from other backgrounds. Phil is kept busy by being a husband, father, and grandfather. He is very involved in his church and local community. Phil discovered his love for gourmet food trucks on his many trips to visit his daughter in Los Angeles and was impressed at the quality and uniqueness of the food. In his spare time, what there is of it, Phil and his wife like to spend time with their daughters and go to food truck rallies around the US.

Phil and his team have been catering to clients and at community events for years. He is so happy he can now bring his spice of life to you via a gourmet food truck! See our "EVENTS" section for Cajun In A Truck's calendar or "ABOUT US" to submit a request to have In A Truck, LLC. coordinate a food truck night in your local neighborhood!