What the heck is boudin, anyway?!

As folks in South Louisiana know, boudin is a delicious blend of ground pork, white rice & spices stuffed into a natural casing. The stuffing is very similar to the Cajun dirty rice (also known as rice dressing). Although not as frequently requested as the pork style boudin, seafood boudin is also popular consisting of crab, shrimp, & rice. The actual term "boudin" describes a number of different types of sausage in many parts of the world but in the Acadiana region of Louisiana, the Cajun boudin sausage is one of a kind.

Boudin is so versatile that us southerners can enjoy it in the morning with a hot cup of coffee or for supper with an ice cold beer! One thing is for sure, boudin is some of the finest Cajun food you'll ever eat. Boudin is served everywhere from the fanciest restaurants to small town gas stations. While most locals believe that they know where the "best" boudin is made, every community has it's own unique recipe. Phil, our founder here at In A Truck, LLC., always makes sure to stop at T-Boy's when visiting his hometown of Mamou, Louisiana to snack on their award-winning Cajun boudin (& other specialty meats, of course).

Our gourmet food truck, Cajun In A Truck, uses a special family recipe which is sure to please both first timers as well as those born & raised in Cajun Country. Cajun In A Truck serves boudin in the recently popular "boudin ball" presentation. We cook our quality selected & seasoned meat until it's nice & tender. After we grind the meat, it is mixed together with cooked rice, yellow & green onions, fresh herbs, dried spices & other secret ingredients. Instead of stuffing our filling into a pork casing, it is rolled into a ball, dipped in an egg wash, coated with seasoned breadcrumbs & then deep fried to that perfect golden-brown crust to provide a nice crunch with every bite! If that doesn't get your mouth watering, how about dipping the boudin balls in our special sauce or top them off with a few drops of our hot sauce?! I'm sure you now understand why boudin balls have quickly become a favorite item alongside our famous étouffée, gumbo, & jambalaya...


Stop by one of our upcoming events & place an order of our delicious boudin balls to judge them for yourselves! And remember the tradition of Cajuns - share your scrumptious food finds with neighbors and friends!

See y'all soon.

Cajun In A Truck Looks Back

Cajun In a Truck looks back at this last year of being in business. We admit it was hard work at times but we also proved the point that hard work leads to success!

We have been all over Central Florida with our truck.  We have met hundreds, make that thousands, of great people who continue to support us by coming out to enjoy our food.  They came out, rain or shine, and that makes us very grateful.

We changed directions and moved our kitchen into the greater Tampa area where we have the use of a fantastic commercial kitchen and our cooks really enjoy using it. Moving allowed us to save on gasoline which means we can put more money back into the business.

We have provided great meals at hockey games, church events, in hospital parking lots, at college campuses, state parks, holiday events, & the list goes on.

We won prizes for our food and we are still looking for votes in our latest endeavor - that being the #1 food truck in Tampa. Please do us a favor & take a brief moment to vote. Voting ends 12/7. We appreciate it! Click here:

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is winding down and you are decorating your house for the Christmas season, remember Cajun In a Truck is a great place pick up a meal. Check out our menu & give us a ring!

See y'all soon.

Shrimp poboy



Finding The Joy (FM) with Cajun In A Truck

Finding The Joy (FM) with Cajun In A Truck has been a true kick for us.  We have been so fortunate to coordinate with trucks to attend The Joy FM events over the summer. There's always a great line up of trucks alongside ours providing other gourmet food, coffee & desserts. We love to see all of you swarming to attend these spectacular events! We feel the love & appreciate it so much.

We have been fortunate to be a part of the Chonda Pierce Show.  Chonda is one hilarious & amazing woman! Read more about her here:

Another fun tour that was exclusively for moms and daughters was Secret Keeper Girl. (

We are about to spend more time with The Joy FM at their latest event:

We are honored to be included in events with The Joy FM & look forward to working together at many events to come!



Happy Labor Day from us at Cajun In A Truck!

Happy Labor Day, y'all! Don't forget what sparked the national holiday. Labor Day is a day for working men and women to kick back, relax, and remember the social and economic achievements of American workers. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the creators of Labor Day said the holiday should be celebrated with a parade and festival for the recreation and amusement of workers and their families. Geaux Party! But be safe. :)

Life is good & on the bayou it's exceptional. Zydeco music is being played & picnics are being set up with all the trimmings that a true Cajun brings to the table. We wish we could serve ALL of you some delicious Cajun cuisine on this holiday!


No one does a Crawfish Boil better than a Cajun.

Cajun Crawfish Boil

We hope everyone has a safe & wonderful day!

See y'all soon.

Happy Birthday Cajun In A Truck

Happy Birthday, Cajun In A Truck!

Can you believe we are just about ready to blow out the candles on our FIRST year?


What a year it has been for Cajun In A Truck!

What a year it has been for Cajun In A Truck!

What a year it has been! There have been ups and downs which was expected. There have been lessons learned sometimes the hard way, sometimes the easy way. We moved around, we changed kitchen locations, we changed food truck stops.  Change can be a good thing. "Life's a dance you learn as you go!"

We have a loyal following and we appreciate every fan, every Cajun food lover, every one who has come to cheer us on! You've joined us in the heat of the Florida sun, under the rainy skies, and even on chilly nights (the few we do have here in Florida).

We are ready for year TWO. Bring it on!